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    A general photoset about faking a large rack for a cosplay. Christine did a more detailed write-up here, but pictures are worth a thousand words, you know?

    Pictured are two of our ladies — Christine and Emmy. In LaSenza sizes, Christine is a 36C and Emmy is a 32A. With boob wizardry, we can take Christine to a 36H and Emmy to a 32DD… at least. Christine’s breasts aren’t contoured for definition, Emmy’s are. Either way, if you have little to no rack, you can still definitely fake it. If you have lots of rack, you can drown in your own cleavage. 

    Generally, to do boob magic, one needs four items: a bra, a bigger bra, “cutlet” inserts (or socks), and make-up to contour. If your bras don’t clip in the back/have convertible straps, you may want a safety pin to pull the straps together in the back. (This is uncomfortable as hell, so convertible is better.) And obviously, the bigger the insert, the more, erm, results.

    I think the pictures are pretty straightforward: bra 1, inserts, bra 2. If you want, you can switch it up and do inserts, bra 1 and bra 2, but that means putting the cutlets against your skin, which gets sweaty. Then apply bronzer/brown make-up to cleavage and along the arch of the breast and voilà, fake boobs.

    Oh god look at all the boobies.

    My best friend.

    I tried this today but before I saw these pics.


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