1. "I’m truly glad that I fell in love with you, Senpai."

    Photography: PassersLife

    Cosplay bought from: DW Cosplay

    Cosplayer: RunDevinRun

    Sword made by: WoodWarder

    AR took place a week before PAX. I was so stressed with PAX prep I didn’t want to make myself sick overworking to sew a new cosplay for AR. I’m glad I could cosplay Mirai in the end. <3

  2. Photographer: Tempest Photo

    Cosplayer: RunDevinRun

    Bow down to your Queen of the Castle

  3. New video up!!

    RUNDEVINRUN- VLOG#2 circle lenses: http://youtu.be/omSjAJGiHEo

    This week is about the basics of lens care!

    Cosplayers should be careful how they take care of their precious eyes <3
    #circlelens #cosplay #lenses #eyes #psa #lenscare

  4. All photos taken by Darkain Multimedia of COSPIX.net @ FANIME 2014

    [if you haven’t already gotten an account there I recommend it!!]

    Bane: ???

    Catwoman: TENLEID

    Supergirl: SHEENA

    Raven: ANHKAI

    Starfire: RUNDEVINRUN

    Nightwing: DIGITALSEER [made by RUNDEVINRUN]

  5. As always, if interested in any questions, don’t hesitate to PM me on my page: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/RUNDEVINRUN

    Sorry I was AFK so long guys! AND SORRY ABOUT MY ROOM….

    Here’s a cover I sang of Ailee’s U&I

    Song does not belong to me! I just loved it so I decided to sing it.

  6. this started out as me teasing my boyfriend that I’d cosplay this version of Mirai.

    Now I actually am…….

  7. I’m really proud that I kept a secret from a friend this long!!
    One of rydiamist ‘s dream cosplays is Cordelia from FE and I suddenly messaged her today telling her I had made a prop!

    I asked her if she wanted to see/ she had no clue it was for her!

    Her reaction was priceless and I’m happy I could make her day with something that I made.

  8. windrixx:

    Blake (sorority ver), from RWBY. Cosplay by Rundevinrun.


    link to page below!


    (Source: facebook.com)

  9. First three photos taken by Kyle Mistry

    Last photo taken by Crowkidd 


    Kaoru Kamiya: RUNDEVINRUN

    Himura Kenshin: my boyfriend DRUNKENPAPER